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International Association of Certified Home Inspectors Residential Property Inspector. Don’t be fooled by other certifications. InterNACHI® is the world’s leading trade organization for residential and commercial inspectors. Don’t be fooled by “others”, InterNACHI® and the InterNACHI ® School are accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training, a national accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education

InterNACHI ® Certified Commercial Inspector. Protect your commercial property and ensure your business and investment are taken care of!

InterNACHI ® Certified Multi-Unit Housing Inspector. Protect your duplex, apartment, or other multi-unit housing. You worked hard for your investment let us help you protect it!

Building a new home is AWESOME! Dealing with contractors, sub-contractors, city or county inspections, not so much. Hire us today to help you through your construction project. Blueprint review consulting, in project inspections, and final inspections are a few ways we can help you. Use our knowledge to your advantage!

Selling a home can be daunting. The Sacramento area is blowing up with cash buyers. Differentiate yourself. Provide a MOVE-IN Certified pre-inspected home. We work with you to do a pre-inspection, follow up repair inspections, and provide you with a report any potential buyer would be impressed with!

Bought a new home, and moved in… Most new construction homes come with a one year warranty. Let us come in to help you with an 11 month inspection that you can use to hold the contractor and their subs to their guarantee. Our non-invasive inspection is based on observations of the visible and apparent condition of the interior and exterior of the structure, including its major components. Following your inspection you will receive a comprehensive report, complete with photos, that includes information on any material defects observed. Armed with this information, you can take any necessary steps to hold your builder to their warranties while they’re still in force.

Spent a lot of money repairing your home? How do you know the current contractor followed your contract, and performed the work accordingly. Hire us to help review the repairs and verify their completion per your scope of work!

Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Today’s small leak turns into tomorrow’s costly repair. Tomorrow’s costly repair turns into next weeks structural damage, mold or worse… get an annual home maintenance inspection and protect yourself and your investment.

Need your residential property to have compliant monthly and yearly fire extinguisher inspections? Just call us. We’re certified to do residential fire extinguisher inspections. Protect your residents and your investment.

International Firestop Council Certificate of Achievement as a 3rd party firestop special inspector. We didn’t just stop there, We’re a premier level as well and meet all requirements for OSHPD

In California we love our leisure time. Protect your pool and spa with an inspection. It’s provided with your home inspection, but we can offer it as a stand-alone inspection if you’re having issues or had a new one installed and coming to the end of your warranty.

Infrared helps us see things not visible to the naked eye. We offer infrared camera services as part of our Home and Commercial inspections, but we can come and do them as stand-alone inspections as well. Have a room that wont stay hot in winter or cool in summer? Think you’re missing insulation, have a window leak? Stop the guessing and call us for an infrared inspection.