InterNACHI® Certified Commercial Inspector. What does that mean for you and your commercial structure(s)? It means you will have someone on site who is not just knowledgeable but certified by one of the largest trade organizations. PROTECT your investment and your people!

Rest easy knowing your inspector utilizes the best technology, not as a stand alone, but in connection with your inspection. Why is that important? Because technology in untrained hands leads to issues when interpreted incorrectly. We use infrared as part of our standard inspection. We can do a stand-alone infrared inspection for efficiency, leaks, etc as well. Just ask!

BNA Inspections is qualified to do 3rd party firestop special inspections. Type III, IV, over 75 feet or if your AHJ requires it, were available for consulting, inspecting, or QA.

Required to inspect your fire extinguishers in your multi unit complex, office, etc? Give us a call so we can do your monthly inspections as required by Code!

You just paid a lot of money to get repairs done. Don’t just take their word for it. Have a Certified Repair Verification Inspection done to protect your investment.

Have a Multi-Unit Housing structure? We have this specialized certification that most inspectors don’t. Give us a call and have us work for you to protect your investment or to help you in the purchase of your investment. Don’t get caught with repairs and headaches that could have been avoided.

Offer a pool and spa to your guests, residents, etc? Protect it and ensure their safety. Give us a call and we’ll work with you to keep it up and running, safely. We inspect for things like signage, and hazards as well!